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~*Do you Have Any Nicknames:Sam!
~*How Old are You?14.
~*Where are you From?Bay City, Michigan <3
~*Grade Level(Like Freshmen in H.S. Or Senior in College or so on):8th grade. <3

Sport:To watch-- hockey & to do-- cheerleading.


Tv Show:The Simple Life.

Movie:Mean Girls, Notebook, Remember the Titans, & Save the Last Dance.

Actor:Ben Afflak.

Actress:Julia Roberts// Nicole Richie (but she dosent really count lol )

Musicans/Artists:mmm, Ludacris.

~*Quote that describes your personality:Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get.

~*What do you think about the following/ellaborate:
Abortion:well, i believe that that is just horriable because your killing an innocent preson when its usually your fault you got pregnent. well, if you got raped then maybe it would be different. but its still horriable.
Teen Pregnancy:well; teens should be careful & wait to do that until their ready to have a kid, but if they really want a kid so be them.
Drugs:not safe & you shouldnt do them, yeah thats all i have to say.
War:completly ridicolous, people should find somthing else to do then fight, thats what they always teach us to do in school so why the hell are we in a war!
Gay Rights:mmm, i think that gay marriage is gross, but if people want it well the should be abble to.
Prostitution:i think those girls are completly able to find different jobs and shouldnt go screwwing people for money!
Eating Disorders: not a smart thing to do at all, not a smart thing!
Suicide:not worth it, i mean your life can't possibaly be that bad and you only live once so i think its so stupid.

~*Why do you think we should accept you, what makes you unique out of all the other applicants??umm, because my personailty are usually differnt then peoples and i hope to bring fun!
~*Promote to Three Communities/People and post links here:kk.




~*Post three clear pictures of you, If you want to post more you can

--thats my cheer picture!

i dont like that pic but its okay i guess.

--ahha i dont like that either but its okay,

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