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Name: Anam ((A-nam))
Nicknames: Anamie, Nambi, pan-asian
Age: sixteen
Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Grade Level: Sophomore
Gender: Female

Sport: Cheerleading, and Football.
Food: Sugar and strawberries.
Tv Show: Friends, and the OC.
Movie: 50 first dates.
Actor: Brad Pitt because he's HOT!
Actress: hmm. tough. Anglina Jolie.
Musicans/Artists: Kayne West, The Killers

What do you think about the following:
this topic has been debated for years but i think it's the choice
of the two who created the baby. if you really think killing your
child is best for your life, then that's what you have to live with.
i really don't think anyone can pick a side to this topic because
you might think it's so wrong, but when you get knocked up at a young
age you have to relize what's comming up next. just don't have sex and
you'll be alright.

Teen Pregnancy:
it's just to young to start a family. use contraceptives and relize
before you have sex what your getting yourself into.

everyone does it at my school.... kinda dirt not going to lie, even
though i've done it a couple times i still think it's wrong because
the drugs messes with your mind and even though it feels good it's
not worth getting caught.

all is fair in love and war, just keep the peace.

Gay Rights:
let them live their lives the way they want to.

it's dirt. if you really need to stoop to that level to get money you
can at least work at Wendy's or somthing. but it's dirt don't let men
take advantage of you.

Eating Disorders:
it's horrible. what girls these days do to get skinny. i hate all the
magazines that say the new thing in is being really really skinny. it's
not it's just disgusting. please eat.

Quote that describes your personality:
"She sat there everyday listening to all his lies and for some reason she believed everyone of them." ___ i trust guys way to easily.
Why do you think we should accept you, what makes you unique out of all the other applicants??
because i'm asian. haha no. because i'm anam and you'll love me.
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Me and my boy brett.

cheering in the rain!

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my friend melis and me.

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