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~*Do you Have Any Nicknames:monachelli
~*How Old are You?13
~*Where are you From?Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
~*Grade Level(Like Freshmen in H.S. Or Senior in College or so on):7th grader

Sport:dance(if that is even a sport!!)

Food:pasta(im a true italian!!)

Tv Show:NExt, Oc, Laguna Beach, and Desperate Housewives!!

Movie:Bring it On and mean girls!!

Actor:adam brody!!(i lvoe seth choen from the oc!!

Actress:ummmm..Mischa Barton(oc again!!)

Musicans/Artists:My chemical romance!!

~*Quote that describes your personality:"Diamonds are a girls best friend!!"

~*What do you think about the following/ellaborate:
Abortion:i think that if u really truely thiink u can't handle a child for u self an don your own then abortion may be the right choicce for u...but i don;t think abortion shoudl be used in the case that u don't want the child cause of gender or if it faces any mental problem.
Teen Pregnancy:it is ur choice if u wanna have sex at a young age but u do haev to relize the consequences, but i don't think kids should be pregnant at young age.
Drugs:they r stupid adn they'll mess with u!
War:y can't we just get along??
Gay Rights:i think if u want to be gay its fien its a free world.
Prostitution:i think girls could find much better things to do then sell themsleves to men who want to haev sex with them
Eating Disorders:girls haev such a expectation to be skinny liek the celebrities when really they rn't totally healthy so the way we r is normal and healthy
Suicide:y do it??

~*Why do you think we should accept you, what makes you unique out of all the other applicants??i am outgoing and i am melisssa's sister and i no jennifer really well too!!
~*Promote to Three Communities/People and post links here:,,
~*Post three clear pictures of you, If you want to post more you can:

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^I'm on Far Left...

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^ Middle In Pink

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^ Me on Left

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