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~*Name: Christopher
~*Do you Have Any Nicknames: Boringly enough Chris!!
~*How Old are You? 21
~*Where are you From? London, my fave place in the world!
~*Grade Level(Like Freshmen in H.S. Or Senior in College or so on): I graduated from college and went straight into full time work
~*Gender: Male


Sport: In all honesty I can't bear sport - I am not big on any at all! I like a spot of yoga... that's a bit lame though, does it count?!?!

Food: I am vegetarian - pasta; pizza; cheese sandwiches!!

Tv Show: I love Sex and the City which I think pretty much everyone does! I also love Bad Girls which is shown in the UK. I am not big on TV though I must admit.

Movie: Amelie - always and forever! It is such a beautiful film!!

Actor: I don't really have a specific, I think Anthony Hopkins is pretty amazing!

Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow - for some reason I adore her! Loved her in Sliding Doors!


~*Quote that describes your personality: "I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul and explore it." Tori Amos.
I am big on soul searching and looking to improve myself rather than complain about and blame everyone else.

~*What do you think about the following/ellaborate:

Abortion: I do not agree with abortion but I understand that there are different factors that influence and decision. I also don't believe in judging people on their decisions, especially when they need support!

Teen Pregnancy: In the UK teen pregnancy is a growing concern for a lot of people. I don't like that sex is used as a hobbie and the end result is a child. If the child is planned and can be supported for adequatley in a loving environment then everything is good.

Drugs: I used to take drugs but now I realise it is just searching for something I didn't have....happiness! Now I don't like drugs and think that they are dangerous. Anything that controls you and your decisions is a bad thing.

War: A medieval soultion to 21st Century problems

Gay Rights: Being gay I think I am a little biased. I do not see any problems with homosexuals having full rights like a straight couple would. If the relationship is loving and sharing this is all that matters.

Prostitution: Again it is sex used as sport - I don't like it.

Eating Disorders: I have known friend who have suffered and do suffer with eating disorders and we need to help these guys, its a hard thing to go through.

Suicide: Tragedy. Tragedy to the parents and family, tragedy to lose so much potential in a life.

~*Why do you think we should accept you, what makes you unique out of all the other applicants?? Because I am fun and interesting and have a lot to say. I am nice and caring and would never say anything intended to hurt someones feelings!

~*Promote to Three Communities/People and post links here: londonpeople gay_boys chihuahuas

~*Post three clear pictures of you, If you want to post more you can:

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Me and My baby Oscar
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My boyfriend Brenton (left) My friend Jayson (back) and Me (right)
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Me and my boyfriend
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