Walk Like An Egyptian (kuddlez188) wrote in thats_just_hott,
Walk Like An Egyptian

[Mod Post]

Welcome to Thats_Just_hott. This is the first post in the community! Feel free to join and post your application! First five applicants will be auto-accepted by one of the mods. If you have a community, and want it to be a sister community to us, Let us know! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the mods (mods usernames located on userpage).

This community is NOT based on just looks. It's personality too. I ask members to be nice to others, and Be nice to the moderators. Do NOT comment on our personal journals with mean/rude/harsh comments. That will not be tolerated.

Thanks, and Enjoy!! If you have any ideas, in keeping the community active, please comment/contact a mod.

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