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i was able to do my application in the car on the way there::hope you like it

~*Do you Have Any Nicknames:cheerios, sam, sammy, blondi
~*How Old are You?13
~*Where are you From?niagara falls
~*Grade Level(Like Freshmen in H.S. Or Senior in College or so on):7th grade



Tv Show:smallville

Movie:the notebook

Actor:orlando bloom

Actress:katie holmes


~*Quote that describes your personality:

belong the eye shadow and long brushed hair, theres a sign on my heart that says handel with care....

~*What do you think about the following/ellaborate:
Abortion:i think thats its wrong because thats some ones life, what if that was you i meran it would be much better to have the baby and then put it up for abdoption, at lleast your not taking some ones life
Teen Pregnancy:i think its to youg for some one to have a family
Drugs:i think its totaly wrong to do drugs, even if theyt mite seem"cool"

War:i really dont see why we just cant all get along
Gay Rights:i mean please if you love some one you should be able to mary them
Prostitution:i think these people can make money with out having to screw some one
Eating Disorders:if you have them something mut have gone wrong maybe you should go to a doctor or a counsiler and try and work out a healthier solution to your probolems
Suicide:i think its wrong your throwing your life away and i mean just think before you do some thing like that is your life really that bad, i mean ud rather be dead?

~*Why do you think we should accept you, what makes you unique out of all the other applicants?? i think im unique and could keep this community active/help it grow
~*Promote to Three Communities/People and post links here:
~*Post three clear pictures of you, If you want to post more you can:

my brother, me my dad last year in california, but my eye looks wierd becaouse of the wind

me and my brother again


me last year with curly hair


hope you like !!!!^_^

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